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My Story

My journey back to optimal health began in 2008 when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called multiple sclerosis. One morning in February 2008 at age 28, I woke half blind in my right eye. A day trip to the hospital involving several medical treatments including, a spinal tap, CAT scan, and a liquid IV steroid drip rendered me scared and uncertain of my health and life. The next day my parents drove me to the neurologist's office where I was given the diagnosis of MS and was told I may end up in a wheel chair or bed bound unable to move, eat or swallow at some point in my life. With my mother now crying and my physician father conversing medical jargon with the neurologist, I sat there being told various pharmaceutical drug options that could help slow the progression of the disease.

In this moment, time seemed to halt, voices and noises around me sounded like muffled blah blah blah, I could hear my heart beat and I could feel my chest rise and fall intimately with each breath. My mind frozen in disbelief suddenly began to race and my thoughts were this -"there has to be a better way; there must be a solution to heal". So, I piped up and said to the neurologist, "you have just told me what's going on with my body. My journey has just begun, not ended." With that I graciously thanked the doctor, declined pharmaceutical drugs and left.

I regained full vision within 4 weeks baffling both my eye doctor and neurologist because they said it can take up to 10 weeks to regain vision and many people never regain full vision. 

Living with this disease the first 5 years had its devastating challenges at various times including losing muscle use of one eye causing double vision having to sport an eye patch for a week, going numb and losing use of each arm one at a time, going numb on the side of my face and tongue, going numb on the lower half of my pelvic region, and losing use of my legs for a week therefore army crawling to the bathroom or kitchen and regaining use little by little walking with slap foot. 

Through all of these challenges I found a warrior inside me like no other! I lived on hope for years trying to find the right combination solution. I thought to myself "If I could find one person who healed from this, then I would know it is possible."

I'm fully sighted and functioning, and am here  to tell you that healing and improved health from chronic disease is possible; and that I healed rapidly with each event because of going deep inside myself, harnessing the mind body connection. I healed permanently when I incorporated Medical Medium protocols using food as medicine and healing in my relationships. Healing happens with intention, love, forgiveness and embrace through the Trinity - the Mind, Body & Spirit. Gratefully, I have been symptom free for over 5 years, got married in 2015 and gave birth to a beautiful boy in 2016. I live a life of love, gratitude and in service to helping others on their healing path.

The Process

Upon our first meeting we will learn about each other, your concerns and your goals. From that point onward I will guide you on your own journey to improved wellness.  You must take control of your wellbeing. I will show you the path. 

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