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Avoiding Mammal Milk & Going Plant Based? what to know

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

While giving up dairy or mammal milk is becoming trendy with many switching to the now popular "plant based" options, I will go into to details why dairy isn't viable for long term health and how to choose the better of the plant based options.


1) We are the only mammal that consumes the milk of another mammal. Some food for thought there.

2) Cheese! Its sooo delicious, right?! ugh, the hardest of dairy for me to not eat. And I say not eat, because I haven't 100% eliminated it from my diet for good. I'll go days or even months without cheese but somehow it always has its grip on me! Grrr! Cheese is addicting because of a protein called casein. Casein is said to have the same affect on the dopamine receptors in the brain as heroin. Look that up for yourself.

3) Dairy causes inflammation in the body. This can lead to exacerbated injuries or cause issues itself. This is what people speak of these days. But the question is why or how? The quick synopsis is that dairy feeds a variety of pathogens and bacterias living in our bodies thus causing an inflammatory response. Of course there's the science & biology that we wont delve into because the point here is I'm giving you snippets of the "why". So being it feeds unwanted health potentials, its best to avoid dairy.


Plant based milks and cheeses are a better option but these can still have vices. We need to be educated consumers.

1) Lower fat options are always the wiser. For example, I like a nice oatmilk for coffee.

2) Look out for added ingredients that are counterproductive to being "healthy". Some of these ingredients I see in plant based milks & chesses that should be avoided are:

- Carrageenan

- Natural Flavors

- Citric Acid

I hope you enjoy and make good use of this information.

As always, if you should need my assistance, please contact my office to schedule an nutrition consult appointment 516-514-3444.

Have a beautiful day!


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